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Please find my first instalment of the Beerologist newsletter on Medium.

Here is what happened at the Beerologist last week.

Last Sunday, I spoke with Colter Wilson from HomebrewingDIY as part of his podcast. Specifically, we talked about dogmas in the world of homebrewing and how science could help brewers produce good beer. We explored how community organisation could power engagement with scientists such that problems which small scale brewers face, can be addressed with research.

He also queried the methodology surrounding yeast isolation, a topic I love to talk about. …

Exciting changes afoot

Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

It doesn’t often happen when you get to combine the expertise you have developed over 20 years together with your hobby or interest. Perhaps it takes a global pandemic and a lockdown to gain a new perspective. Or maybe, one needs to accept that to pursue your dream or plan; the strategy does not have to come together straight away.

Lockdown #1, circumstances, and the looming lockdown #2 have brought my goals into focus. I have a game plan and I am announcing it here.

As of this month, The Beerologist is part of ExtrAnalytics.

You now…

Trump and Johnson statement: No haircut is better than a bad haircut

A sharp rise in amateur lockdown hair cuts alarms governments, scientists, and hairdressers across the globe.

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump: “No hair cut is better than a bad hair cut”. Image credits: sdobmoriel

Governments worldwide scramble for a solution as the number of unidentifiable hairstyles is rising sharply.

It has emerged that governments across the globe have discussed the sharp rise in bad haircuts as the lockdown eases. According to senior sources, leaders expressed concern that certain bad hair jobs may form an aesthetic threat to the human species.

“We have seen a few reports, describing some extremely bad haircuts, emerge in recent days” a spokesperson for the Italian government stated. “As more people venture out of their homes after the lockdown, we expect to see an epidemic in bad hairdo’s, some of which may become the new norm.

Some leaders expressed their displeasure after learning of the…

Four hours in lockdown hell

Photo by Tobias Rehbein on Unsplash


Thankfully, the wait is brief.
Teddy rolls up his sleeves. A comfortable sweater is all he needs today.
After a quick boot up, he checks his emails.


Ready to bash his keyboard with gusto, a tinge. Teddy craves more coffee. As he gets up to get another drink an E-mail rudely stops him in his tracks. He hates the electronic whine for more demands.


Three emails later, he peels away from the screen. Pain shoots through Teddy’s back. It hurts. He should have sat down.

Where is that coffee?

A loud thwack first announces the direct hit…

To make your beer sing

An argument and primer to isolating your own yeast for brewing beer

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Yeast. Every article you read about beer brewing will tell you that this little microbe is a critical ingredient. Yeast is there to produce alcohol and a wide range of flavourful secondary metabolites that give your brew such a pleasant profile.

Yeast is one of the most defining additions to your brew. This little Eukaryote will make your beer shine. The diversity of beer yeasts that breweries across the globe use in their beer-making are a testament to the versatility of this tiny organism. With diversity comes a hard truth:

Homebrewers have access to a relatively small set of yeast…

Welcome to the beer shack

We need to talk about your favourite drink. With summer fast approaching in the northern hemisphere, beer will be the cold and refreshing drink many will turn to. How is beer made? How can I make my own brew? What is the science of beer making? In this publication, I will publish stories that relate to beer and how it is made. Please follow The Beer Collection and comment. Cheers!

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

About The Beer Collection

My name is Edgar and I am an amateur beer brewer, researcher and writer for The Beer Collection. The Beer Collection is a new and refreshing newsletter about brewing, beer…

Build momentum to boost your performance

Photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash

Lockdown and stress can cause significant disruption to your health, routine and productivity. Work from home has become an unescapable factor in life. Using visualisation techniques can be of great help to fight procrastination. Below you will find my approach. I have called it “Summit”.

We all know that when you feel stuck and not motivated, it does not help matters. Whether it is the job, relationships or life, many of us can experience a lack of motivation. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sweeps the globe, and lockdown measures shut our lives, staying productive at home has become more challenging.

Newsflash: Your mind is trigger-happy

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash


I remember vividly lying in my bed, crying. I was about ten years old, and I suffered from what I now understand to be an anxiety attack. I thought I was going to die. The only good news was, I did not want to.

I heard my father come up the stairs. He had listened to my cries grow louder and louder. When he finally came to my room, I told him. As any parent would do, he held me in his strong arms and consoled me. He told me not to worry; I would have a long life ahead…


Pretend Oracle and Serial Back-Follower. Writes for good health & fun, and cheers to yours. Willing contributor to exciting or fun publications.

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